Our History

In some parts of the world, the word ‘cookie’ also refers to ‘an alluring woman’.  An alluring woman is a confident, appealing, attractive, intelligent and charitable woman.  A woman admired yet impactful in her own way.  A woman that’s humble yet has the highest level of self-esteem beyond her skin color.  CookieSkin® promotes the best thing about today’s woman, beginning with their irresistible flawless skin.


CookieSkin® is on a quest to change the concept, idea and meaning of ‘good skin’ amongst women all over the world with skin of color.  We’ve introduced a more holistic method of skincare for women of color to age gracefully.

CookieSkin® has created this line to address the many skin care issues the individual Asian, Bi-racial, African, African-American, Latina and multicultural woman faces in today’s busy world. Our aim is to bring highly active skin care formulas to women of color in need of visible results that reveal their true irresistible flawless skin; and therefore, revealing their confidence inside and out.

About our Products

At CookieSkin® we believe in feeding your skin the best essential ingredients. CookieSkin® is a preventative and corrective skin care line made with superior active ingredients that nourishes the skin for an irresistible fresher, younger, radiant looking skin.

The difference between problem skin and fresh, flawless, youthful skin is in the ingredients you use. Made with superior active ingredients, our formulas are proven to improve skin texture, tone and regeneration.

Because we use natural ingredients such as milk and fruit acids, kojic and licorice root extracts, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, B3 and more in our recipes, CookieSkin® products are extremely effective and proven to give the visible results we know you want.

 CookieSkin® and its skincare line is designed for all Women of Color.   They are all originally created and formulated by Leslie Okoye with the advice, guidance and counseling of a network of dermatologists in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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